html-acct-table patch

Andrew Sackville-West ajswest at
Tue Oct 16 17:11:52 EDT 2007


the attached patch fixes up some of html-acct-table.scm in an effort
(successful!) to speed up the reports that rely on
gnc:html-acct-table-add-accounts! (that would be: income-statement,
trial-balance, balance-sheet and account-summary).

Though this patch doesn't address *all* the issues with these reports,
there is a significant improvement. In my small test file the time to
execute a bog-standard income-statement fell from 7.7 seconds to 2.7
seconds. In my large working file the time fell from over 4 minutes to
29 seconds. I assume the other reports would see similar improvements.

I have replaced code that recursively calculates balances multiple
times with code that calculates balances once, caches them and then
looks up the cached balances as needed. 

thanks for the help on this too guys...


ps. there's a lot of garbage in the patch due to shuffling stuff
around. Are there ways to fix this up besides manually picking through
the file? and I left a lot of my working comments in, should I kill
those and resubmit?
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