Building GnuCash on windows: missing

justus rufus justus.rufus at
Thu Oct 25 11:20:19 EDT 2007


I hope this is the right list to post my question (instead of the user list).

I tried to build  GnuCash on windows using the description at
I try this because I want then apply the patch for the bug on a
missing transaction currency from stock registers
( I already managed
to compile a patched libgwenhywfar-38.dll so I thought i give it a

Everything works fine until I come to building Gnucash itself. There I
get the error message: "/c/soft/downloads/ ./ No
such file or directory". The scipt seems to expect this script in /c/soft/gnucash/repos which is completely empty.

Can someone give me a hint at which step this should be
downloaded or extracted respectively?


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