Dogtail UI Harness Status

ahmad sayed ahmadsayed83 at
Mon Sep 3 19:21:59 EDT 2007

Hi Josh,

Thank you very much for your positive feedback,honestly I have a stomach lately like the one I used to have before receiving my exams results:), that what keep me silent.

Josh Said:
>> If I wanted to add a test for the Scheduled Transaction subsystem ... let's
>> say consisting of:
>> 1/ creating a new Scheduled Transaction with given parameters.
>> 2/ running the Since Last Run dialog.
>> 3/ inspecting a value in the tree view/model.
>> 4/ manipulating the tree view; closing the dialog.
>> 5/ re-opening the Since Last Run dialog.
>> 6/ inspecting a value in the tree view/model.

>> I guess I'm looking for a bit of high-level documentation.  I'm sure I can

>> figure it out if I spend enough time with the code, but something short that

>> points me in the right direction would be great.

I'm going to write a tutorial to be uploaded to common place (e.g. to gnucash wiki),  your suggested testcase will be my start point, i'll start it tomorrow as it is now 2 AM in my country :).

I plan to finish documenting all the testsuite related technical details before the school start,

also i would like to keep working on the testsuite there is still a lot of work todo,
1 - adding more testcases, 
2 - figure out how to speed it up
3 - link the testsuite to the makefile.
4 - add more dialogs and custom widget wrappers.
5 - Solving issues with with the register, and account Trees.
6 - more Testing to the testsuite ፡).

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