Compiling GNUCash under Vista (again)

Stephen Grant brown s_g_brown at
Tue Sep 18 18:40:06 EDT 2007

Hi Derek,

I am using the most up to date script.

I am just unistalling cygwin, then I will reload msys (after deleteing all 
the old ones) and then will run again.

Yours Sincerely Stephen Grant Brown

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> "Stephen Grant brown" <s_g_brown at> writes:
>> Hi Derek,
>> I have opened msys, and done a env command. The path enviroment
>> variable has a few relative ones like bin, mingw\bin (I think) and
>> then the windows ones, nothing to do with cygwin.
>> I had installed a couple of copies of msys into  various
>> directories. I deleted them all to start again. When i reinstalled
>> msys it finished without installing the msys.bat file. I then did a
>> search from the start menu and found the msys.bat files I had just
>> deleted.
>> I suspect that the index of files that Vista maintains had not been
>> been given enough time to be updated, and that was being
>> told files existed when in fact they have been deleted.
> That's certainly possible, I guess.  I know nothing about vista
> filesystem caching.  We did add a delay in to try to
I am learning about it.
> fix some event notification issues; are you sure you're using
> the most up to date script from SVN?
> -derek
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