Auto-fill in registers: how does it work?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 3 11:53:38 EDT 2008

"Charles Day" <cedayiv at> writes:

> When manually entering new transactions in the register, how does the
> auto-fill capability work? Does it (a) just look at existing transactions,
> make a guess at a match, then copy the information? Or does it (b) draw that
> information from a bucket of "memorized transactions"?

GnuCash does (a).  It looks back in time and finds the most recent
transaction with the same Description, and then copies that information.

> Quicken does the latter and, and some versions allow that separate bucket of
> "memorized transactions" (transaction templates, essentially) to be exported
> to QIF format.
> I ask due to an enhancement request for importing these via the QIF
> importer.

GnuCash has no "memorized transactions" concept.  The CLOSEST would
be the SX, but I think that's completely different.  But I don't know.
I've never used Quicken.

> Cheers,
> Charles

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