MT940 import: swift header

Damien Perritaz damien.perritaz at
Tue Apr 8 10:28:02 EDT 2008


i am a new user of gnucash (version 2.2.4 on windows xp) for personal 
accounting. i import my banking data using MT940 files with two 
different banks. one file (A) is well imported and the other (B) not. i 
have noticed the difference between the two files. file A has no swift 
header and begins directly with ":20:". file B has a swift header in the 
same format as described in different places 
(, the swift header 
consists in one line with up to four fields; the last field (preceded by 
"{4:") begins on the following line with the usual ":20" label. note 
that this header (and closing footer "-}") generally appear multiple times.

is this problem already known? (someone already posted on similar 
subject some month ago, but without acceptable solution:

is it possible to modify the source to take this swift header into account?

for information, it is possible to modify file B by hand by removing 
headers (and footers) to make the import possible. however this solution 
is not satisfactory...



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