MT940 import: swift header

Martin Preuss aquamaniac at
Wed Apr 9 02:53:46 EDT 2008


On Mittwoch, 9. April 2008, Christian Bjerre Nielsen wrote:
> The SWIFT message standard defines header information in block 1 (the basic
> header block), 2 (the application header block) and the optional block 3
> (User header block). The message content is in block 4 (the text block),
> which starts with the following sequence:

Thanks, but as the author of the SWIFT parser I already knew that. I have 
successfully imported other files with SWIFT headers, so I know that the 
SWIFT importer is basically able to handle them.

If it isn't in this case I might have to fix the SWIFT parser, that's why I 
asked for the problematic file.


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