r16805 - gnucash/trunk/src - Implement a Report GUID.

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Apr 12 21:47:47 EDT 2008


Andrew Sackville-West <andrewsw at cvs.gnucash.org> writes:

> Log:
> Implement a Report GUID.
> This is an internal representation of the report. It frees up the various name
> fields for translation/changes without concern about it breaking reports*. Each
> report is now assigned a GUID that refers to that specific report. All
> reference to the report is now done with this GUID.
> Support is included for using existing open or saved reports of the old
> reference-by-name type. The user is warned of the existence of saved reports
> without a GUID. Support is also provided to allow reports saved or left open
> using the new report-guid reference to be accessed in 2.2.3(?) versions in case
> user downgrades.
> IMPORTANT: All saved or open reports created using these changes *will* *cause*
> *application* *crashes* if accessed in versions prior to r16804. Earlier
> versions have neither the new functions nor the report-record fields
> implemented here. It is a one-way trip from pre-r16804 to here. I hope that is
> clear enough ;)
> * going forward only. name changes will still break non-report-guid saved or
> open reports.

FYI, one thing I've noticed about the new report-GUID system is that
when you click on Report Options the window title is the GUID, not
the report name.  We should definitely fix that before 2.4!


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