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Hello Derek,

    point clearly taken.. Mentioning the word Proximo is also used in English would be sufficient. Even thought I think it's weird to separate options on a combo box with a '\n', specially when you're already inside an XML file (supposing I understood correctly.. no need to throw rocks at me...)

Regarding the patch, I was talking about updates to po/pt_BR.po. I haven't fiddled with this translation specifically, since I was a bit confused. But now you that things are clear, I'll try to get as much as I can before Saturday..


Renato Moutinho

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Hi again...  I've done a little bit more research...  More comments

Quoting Renato Moutinho <rmsilva_br at>:

> Hello Andreas,
>     the file contains a word in portuguese
> ("Proximo"). I think the terms in this file should be in english..

The word "Proximo" is also used in English.  Proximo, or prox, is a
dating method that specifies the date in the following month on which
mayment must be made in order to take a discount.  For example,
2% 10th proximo means the bill must be paid prior to the 10th day
of the following month in order to take the discount.

> BTW: I'll send in a patch with the translations I mentioned for
> inclusion in 2.2.5, ok ?

No.  The patch would be wrong....

>>      I'm preparing a bunch of fixes for portuguese translation and
>> Inoticed that the file
>> src/business/business-gnome/glade/billterm.gladehas a line with an
>> XML tag with a newline and a portuguese word insideit. Here it is:
>>  805               <property name="visible">True</property>
>>  806               <property name="items" translatable="yes">Days
>>  807 Proximo</property>
>>  808               <property name="add_tearoffs">False</property>
>> This leaded to appearently "corrupted" lines under almost all .po
>> files. For instance, we have in portuguese (specifically):

This line is not corrupted.  If you look even MORE closely you'll
see that this is part of a ComboBox declaration.  These are the
"Entries" in the combo box.  One entry is "Days".  The Second entry
is "Proximo".

>>  1313 #: ../src/business/business-gnome/glade/
>>  1314 #, fuzzy
>>  1315 msgid ""
>>  1316 "Days\n"
>>  1317 "Proximo"
>>  1318 msgstr "Próximo"
>>  1319

This is a broken translation.  The translation (msgstr) should include
both the translation of "Days" and the translation of "Proximo"

>> The same thing happens in other po files. Take Swedish, for instance
>> (sv.po):
>>  1278 #: ../src/business/business-gnome/glade/
>>  1279 #, fuzzy
>>  1280 msgid ""
>>  1281 "Days\n"
>>  1282 "Proximo"
>>  1283 msgstr "Proximo"

Again, this is a broken translation.

>> Now, since it looks like those .po files are generated (the
>> referencementions files with .h extensions) I don't think changing
>> the .gladefile and each of the .po files is the more efficient way
>> to correct it.Am I right ? What's the best approach ?

No, you are not right.  The glad file is correct; the translations
are not.

> I am not sure I fully understand this. Spawning
> glade-2 src/business/business-gnome/glade/
> double-clicking on the New or Edit Term Dialog, there is a drop-down
> list (combo box), showing those two entries. Your msgstr translation
> should look almost the same, but with portuguese words of course ;-)
> Take a look at de.po for an example.

Andreas is correct here.

> Yours,
> -- andi5


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