[PATCH] Windows Build Process Tweaks

Andreas Köhler andi5.py at gmx.net
Mon Apr 21 16:43:31 EDT 2008

Hi Daniel,

I will first comment on the patches and try to get the preferred ones in
later on.

Am Montag, den 21.04.2008, 19:51 +0430 schrieb Daniel Harding:
> In my spare time I do some minor hacking on GnuCash (trying to scratch a 
> few itches here and there).  For various reasons, I am limited to using 
> Windows for my development.  As a result, I have made a few tweaks to 
> the Windows build process - several of them having to do with making it 
> easier to build without being connected to the internet.  I've attached 
> patches for each of my changes, which I will describe below:
> xsltprocflags.patch:  this adds a variable called XSLTPROCFLAGS which is 
> passed to the xsltproc command from make_chm.  I use this variable to 
> pass the --nonet flag so that I can still build when not connected to 
> the internet.


> combine_definitions.patch:  this is just a clean-up patch; in 
> defaults.sh there were two identical definitions of the BUILD_DIR and 
> INSTALL_DIR variables, one for the building from a tarball case and one 
> for the building from a checkout case.  I removed these two separate 
> definitions made one single definition for each.

IMHO those declarations belong together and should not be torn apart,

> update_docs.patch:  to prevent the build from attempting to update the 
> doc sources from subversion with every build, I added a variable called 
> UPDATE_DOCS which has essentially the same function as UPDATE_SOURCES.  
> Now the inst_docs functions only updates the doc sources if UPDATE_DOCS 
> is "yes".  Also moved the definition of the SVN_REV variable from the 
> svn_up function to defaults.sh, and added a corresponding DOCS_REV variable.


> msys_svk_svnversion.patch:  because SVK on Windows is invoked via a 
> batch file, the gnc-svnversion script was not properly detecting that 
> SVK was in use.  This patch adds a check to the script to see if it is 
> running under MSYS, and if so, modifies the way it checks for and 
> invokes SVK.  It also slightly modifies a sed command to work around the 
> limitations of the version sed that ships with MSYS.

Assuming that it actually works for you :-)

> aqbanking_path.patch:  this patch actually fixes a minor bug - when the 
> make_install.sh script is invoked, it calls the make_install function in 
> install.sh.  This function references the AQBANKING_PATH variable when 
> generating gnucash.bat.  However, when make_install.sh was invoked, this 
> variable had never been set, resulting in those paths being missing from 
> gnucash.bat, leading to missing DLL messages when gnucash.bat was run.  
> To fix, I moved the definition of AQBANKING_PATH from the inst_gnucash 
> function to the make_install function.

Good catch!

> make_install_build_dir.patch:  this is a convenience change - it simply 
> makes sure that the make_install function invokes the make install 
> command from BUILD_DIR, so that the make_install.sh script can be 
> invoked from anywhere, not just BUILD_DIR.

Actually, I envision this script as a drop-in replacement for calling
"make install", which does not cd into BUILD_DIR, of course :-)

> Feel free to commit any of these that would be generally useful. 

Thanks a lot, will do!

-- andi5

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