More GDA Testing

Albert Lash albert.lash at
Wed Apr 23 21:42:07 EDT 2008


I've been trying out the gda-dev2 branch today and I'm able to start
up, create a file, and save it as "barf.db". When I quit the program
and try to start up again, I get an error:

#14 0xb75daf8a in qof_session_load (session=0x84e81e8,
    percentage_func=0xb747d9f0 )
    at qofsession.c:1139
    newbook = (QofBook *) 0×80a9d20
    ob =
    oldbooks = (QofBookList *) 0×84f3550
    node =
    be = (QofBackend *) 0×8512b18
    err =
    __FUNCTION__ = "qof_session_load"
#15 0xb7440120 in gnc_post_file_open (filename=)
    at gnc-file.c:786
    new_root =
    logpath =
    current_session =
    new_session = (QofSession *) 0×84e81e8
    uh_oh =
    newfile = 0×84b4ee0 "/home/albertlash/.gnucash/data/barf.db"
    io_err =
    __FUNCTION__ = "gnc_post_file_open"
#16 0×0804ad1e in inner_main (closure=0×0, argc=1, argv=0xbfd6b734)
    at gnucash-bin.c:475
    main_mod =
    fn = 0×84f6c30 "/home/albertlash/.gnucash/data/barf.db"
    error = (GError *) 0×0
#17 0xb7f065d2 in scm_boot_guile () from /usr/lib/
No symbol table info available.
#18 0×0804a9d3 in main (argc=) at gnucash-bin.c:624
No locals.

More info here:

Quick question though, what is the database connection dialogue box
for? Is it possible to connect to mysql or is there a libgda
configuration process for defining dsns? I'll take a look in the gda
docs too. Thanks!

- Albert

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