gnucash quits without diagnostics on Windows XP

Justus justus.rufus at
Sun Apr 27 10:54:36 EDT 2008

Hello Vass,

On Sun, 20 Apr 2008, Vass Dude wrote:

> ...
> But it wouldn't start (see below) and (a) it produces no warning 
> messages, giving me no clue as to what's happening, and (b) I don't see 
> any Windows installation instructions, neither on the project web nor in 
> the distribution.

You haven't found yet?

There it is also written that all error messages are redirected to files 
c:\Documents and Settings\myname\Local Settings\Temp\gnucash.trace.ABCDEF 
(on Vista in C:\Users\myname\AppData\Local\Temp).

Beside this you can find several bug reports with running GNUCash on 
windows when you search the web. See for example Far down you find a 

I myself cannot start GNUCash on win xp when my commodo firewall is 
running. I have to allow all traffic first. Somewhere I read from others 
also having problems with their firewalls and GnuCassh. And after a crash 
at startup I first have to remove the file "ior" in this directory: 
"c:\Documents and Settings\my_user_name\Local 

Hope that helps,

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