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Donald D Henson <wepin at> writes:

> Donald D Henson, Managing Director
> West El Paso Information Network
> Derek Atkins wrote:
>     Donald D Henson <wepin at> writes:
>         I have been unable to find instructions for displaying a date range. For
>         example, I may want to view transactions in my expense account for the
>         month of July, starting at zero balance. If these instructions already
>         exist, please point me to them. Otherwise...
>     >From the register:
>       View -> Filter By ...  -> [Date]
>     HOWEVER, it will not reset the balance to zero.  There's no way
>     to do that in the register at all.  The balance is not computed
>     based on the register view.
>     -derek
> Thanks for the pointer.  Is there a bugzilla for Gnucash?

Of course.

But there is no bug here.  GnuCash is doing exactly what it is
supposed to do.

> Don Henson


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