RIP: - no nightly windows builds for a while

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Aug 23 12:26:43 EDT 2008

"Nathan Buchanan" <nbinont at> writes:

>     Perhaps it's time to contemplate a new gnucash server that can run
>     VMs for things like builds and testing?  I could certainly imagine
>     running a few win32 VMs so we could test packages on XP and Vista,
>     perhaps even in different configurations?
> That would definately be nice, and I agree VMs would be the way to go. Having
> a single machine dedicated to a single version of an OS is a bit restrictive.

Hmm..  An 8-core machine, 2 x QuadCore (Intel Xeon E5472), 16GB,
4x750GB SATA, with a Supermicro X7DWN+ - EATX - Intel 5400
ChipsetSupermicro X7DWN+ - EATX - Intel 5400 Chipset Mobo is about
$5k.   That could certainly run a bunch of VMs.   I just don't
know if I could run ESXi or if I'd need to run Fedora + vmware-server.

> Nathan


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