GNC-2.2.3 test error

N. Peguiron nicolas.peguiron at
Fri Feb 1 09:54:51 EST 2008

Josh Sled wrote:
> PLEASE remember to CC: the mailing list on all replies, using your mailer's
> Reply To List or Reply To All feature.
Oops, I missed that. Sorry.

> "N. Peguiron" <nicolas.peguiron at> writes:
>> Using the existing old libraries should be prevented when building the new
>> release.
> I'm pretty sure nothing in the GnuCash sources can affect this, so much as
> your system's build toolchain really determines which libraries get pulled
> in.  But I'm not a build expert.
No matter. I'm happy to have found a way with your help. I also asked 
the list to provide a bit of feedback, in case of.

> What version of automake are you using?
GNU automake V1.10
N. Peguiron / 2454498.11682

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