New language file de_CH.po

Raffael Luthiger modir at
Mon Feb 4 13:35:29 EST 2008

Hi Christian,

Christian Stimming wrote:
> However, I know that de.po will be actively maintained for a long time to come 
> (by myself), but what are your plans with de_CH? I would like to hear about 
> your medium term plans about this language in order to avoid having a 
> de_CH.po which is much less up-to-date than de.po, in 6-12 months from now.

I was looking at "de_CH" as an adaption of "de" to the Swiss market. 
Those two files should be as much as possible similar. But I have seen 
now several accounting related words which we do not use here in 
Switzerland. I just started to use the program but I will use it on a 
regular basis now and I will probably stumble over many other words. And 
I would be willing to contribute them in the future too.

> Also, looking through your changes I found some changes which probably should 
> be integrated into de.po as well, which is

This is possible. I don't know where exactly we use other words and 
where the "de" language file is just not fully correct either. I think 
in general it would make more sense if only one person would maintain 
both files. And I would just report what I would change. The other 
person (in this case probably you) can then decide to change it in both 
files or only in de_CH.

> Oh, now that I've run "msguniq" on your file, I can see that besides the above 
> change, you did only one other wording change (in several strings), which 
> is "Gewinn-/Verlustrechnung" into "Erfolgsrechnung". Are you really sure this 
> single word change justifies a separate de_CH.po, including all of its 
> maintainership questions? If you want to commit on maintaining de_CH for the 
> time to come, I'm all in.

Actually I have more words I want to change. But I didn't know how 
active this project here is (I am new on the devel-list) so I decided to 
just contribute first a small batch of changes.

Regarding my commit on maintaining de_CH: How much time per month would 
it take me to do it? Do you have any numbers? In general I am not 
against commiting on maintaining de_CH. I mean most of the words are 
general stuff like "do you want to save" and can always be copied from "de".



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