Stephen Grant Brown sg_brown at bemail.com.au
Wed Feb 6 23:25:16 EST 2008

 Hi All,
I am tryiing to produce a distributable version of gnucash for the Vista operating system.

I am running XP in vmaware running under Vista.

I did svn update in Packaging.
Running msys
cd to packaging
reset.sh run to completion
In custom.sh


In gnucash.iss.in

Source: "@-qtbindir-@\mingwm10.dll"; ...

install.sh run to completion

dist.sh produces 

mingwm10.dll does not exist

In Packaging/gnucash.iss.in

deleted  line with 

Source ... mingwm.dll

reset.sh run to completion

install.sh run to completion

dist.sh produces

Error on line 84 in c:\soft\gnucash\gnucash.iss
... mingwm10.dll does not exist

cd /soft

grep -r mingwm * 

gnucash/build/packaging/win32/gnucash.iss:Source: "@-qtbindir-@\mingwm10.dll"; DestDir: "{app}\bin"; Flags: ignoreversion
gnucash/gnucash.iss:Source: "c:/QT/4.2.3/bin\mingwm10.dll"; DestDir: "{app}\bin"; Flags: ignoreversion
gnucash/repos/packaging/win32/.svn/text-base/gnucash.iss.in.svn-base:Source: "@-qtbindir-@\mingwm10.dll"; DestDir: "{app}\bin"; Flags: ignoreversion
gnucash/repos/packaging/win32/gnucash.iss.in:Source: "@-qtbindir-@\mingwm10.dll"; DestDir: "{app}\bin"; Flags: ignoreversion
Binary file mingw/bin/mingwm10.dll matches
Binary file mingw/lib/libmingwthrd.a matches
msys/home/Stephen/Packaging/.svn/text-base/gnucash.iss.in.svn-base:Source: "@-qtbindir-@\mingwm10.dll"; DestDir: "{app}\bin"; Flags: ignoreversionWhich file produces c:\soft/gnucash\gnucash.iss?Yours Sincerely Stephen Grant Brown

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