GDA: PostgreSQL empty slots table

Mark Johnson mrj001 at
Thu Feb 7 03:19:34 EST 2008

The slots table includes an id field which is "auto_increment".  
PostgreSQL does not implement that keyword.  Instead, it appears to 
accept it, but ignore it when creating the table.  (This may actually be 
libgda's PostgreSQL provider doing that.)  Gnucash-gda relies upon that 
field auto-incrementing when inserts are done to the slots table.  The 
result is similar to this for every insert to the slots table:
ERROR:  null value in column "slot_id" violates not-null constraint
STATEMENT:  INSERT INTO slots (obj_guid, name, slot_type, int64_val, 
string_val, double_val, timespec_val, guid_val, numeric_val_num, 
numeric_val_denom) VALUES ('77889f8da5fb434ae68891da19bef5ad', 
'reconcile-info/last-date', 1, 1199170799, NULL, NULL, '1969-12-31', 
NULL, 0, 1)

When saving to the gda backend, both MySql and sqlite have many records 
in the slots table.  PostgreSQL ends up with none.


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