Plot details - barchart reports

Davide Imbeni davide.imbeni at
Thu Feb 7 08:29:51 EST 2008


I would like to change slightly the appearance of the plots in bar-chart
As it is now it's a bit difficult to get an idea of the level of the bars (a
part from the first one on the left), so I would like to add a grid to the
plot or, even better, have the actual numeric values visible (e.g. when
clicking on the corresponding bar, or when pointing it without clicking, or
even as a label close to it)

I have had a look at the wiki page on customizing reports (, and at some additional
resources like the stylesheet scm files and the file

I don't know anything about scheme, guile, and extremely little about html,
and before continuing my research, I would like to get directions and
suggestions from the experts.

Where to start from? Do I have to dig into scheme? Shall I create a custom
report or change something in the stylesheet?

Thanks for your time.


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