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Timothy Janssen tjanssen at
Tue Feb 12 10:50:02 EST 2008

Davide Imbeni wrote:
> Hi again,
> I apologize for doing this twice.
> I found no good reason not to have the same "gridline" option for
> net-barchart.scm. Please find attached the new diff file.
> Best Regards
> Davide

I get a compile error when I try to compile the source code with this
patch applied:

cc1: warnings being treated as errors
gnc-html-graph-gog.c: In function 'handle_barchart':
gnc-html-graph-gog.c:516: warning: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations
and code

I moved the declaration to the top of the function and it compiles now.

Attached is Davide's diff file with my change.

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