Glade urgency_hint property

Ian Lewis ianmlewis at
Wed Feb 13 21:31:02 EST 2008

Are the last_modification_time attributes a problem? I noticed there is one
currently in already but I'm not sure about any potential

Also, BTW, I noticed that after running util/glade-fixup that
src/gnome-utils/glade/ was modified to remove an
urgency_hint element. I guess this is Derek's book close thingy that folks
are testing right now?


2008/2/12, Ian Lewis <ianmlewis at>:
> 2008/2/12, Andreas Köhler < at>:
> >
> > Hi,
> > yes, currently GnuCash 2.2.x and trunk depend on gtk+ >= 2.6.0, so
> > libglade would complain each time it fails to set a gtk+-2.8-only
> > property on a gtk+-2.6 widget.  That is why it is recommended to run
> > util/glade-fixup, a script to remove some property lines, before
> > committing a glade file or sending in a patch.
> >
> > -- andi5
> >
> Noted. I updated the patch to not include these properties.
> Thanks,
> Ian

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