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I have thought a bit about some problems with standard form of
accounts and localization in general. GnuCash is one of the
applications where localization is more than just translating the
interface - or potentially it could. On the german side much work went
into SKR03/04 standard form of accounts and I am sure nearly every
country in the world will have its own standards.

I think one problem we have now is that many things are not right to
core GnuCash development - and also that sometimes one local part makes
a bug progress, while GnuCash itself hasnt changed much and maybe does
not see a new release soon (like it just had a new release).

So my idea or question is if it wouldnt be a good thing to split up the
repository. So for example there is one core GnuCash module - and that
this is what people get as a gnucash.tar.gz, while they would have to
install other packages to get what makes sense for them. For example
one could have something like gnucash-germany which could have
dependecy to (certainly) GnuCash core, but also to some accounting
methods or features. This could shrink the core GnuCash archive to some
extend, only allowing a rather simple accounting maybe.

I would hope that this could allow a development of different modules
at different paces. Another option would be to have the ability to
download things like standard form of accounts, so people could update
them themselves - rather having them installed into the users $HOME
directory than system wide - and be able to import them via GnuCash.

What du you think?


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