cannot find -lgnc-backend-file-utils

Martin Meyer elreydetodo at
Tue Feb 19 23:47:40 EST 2008

> Please remember to cc gnucash-devel on all your replies using
> your mailer's Reply-To-List or Reply-All features..
Sorry about that, hit the wrong reply button :-/

> > No, this ebuild forces -j1. I actually asked about that in IRC and was
> > told that gnucash is known not to play will with paralell building.
> > Also, I did an ls and that .la file definitely *does* exist in the
> > build tree.
> What happens if you run "make" a second time?
> (Note:  I said "make", not "rebuild the package")
Running 'make' from working copy my ebuild failed off of seems to
complete successfully. After that worked, I did yet another emerge on
the package, and this time it works! Nothing seems to have changed
since it was failing yesterday. I went to sleep shortly after my post
last night and left the system idle until just now. I've got it to
build twice now! WTF!

I have no idea what's going on here. This failed more than a dozen
times yesterday. Well, thanks everyone for the help! If I can
re-produce this in the future I'll start a new thread and link to this
current one.


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