GDA Missing records in SQLite

Mark Johnson mrj001 at
Wed Feb 20 00:06:10 EST 2008

By examining which transactions, accounts, and splits were missing from 
SQLite (as compared to MySQL), I was able to determine that anything 
which had a single quote in a string (description, name, & memo fields) 
failed to be inserted into SQLite.  This is a one-to-one 
correspondence.  i.e. anything that had a single quote failed.  These 
were the only records missing as compared to MySql.

At the moment, I am guessing that the SQLite provider does not properly 
escape such strings passed to it.  If so, the SQL INSERT statements 
would be illegal and fail.  (I've built just such a bug myself once 
using MySql.)

More study of the SQLite provider is required.  I did not find any 
existing bug reports regarding single quotes and the SQLite provider.  
If  I can confirm my guess, I'll file the bug report.


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