QIF doc pages

Ian Lewis ianmlewis at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 03:25:39 EST 2008

2008/2/28, Charles Day <cedayiv at gmail.com>:
> I'd also like to see a "Show a list of accounts" checkbox option at the
> end. If checked, a new account tab would open in the main window once the
> druid closes. What do you think?
As a first-time user, if the first thing you do is a QIF import, rather than
> creating all your accounts, then when the import finishes you are left with
> an main window titled "no file", with no accounts in sight. It is a bad
> experience, and besides, finding the menu option to display a list of
> accounts is a bit counterintuitive (I struggled with it, and I see users ask
> about this on the mailing list). Why is it called a "New Accounts Page" - is
> that how I create new accounts? Is it a list showing only new accounts? Why
> is it called a "Page" rather than a "Tab" or "List"? Why is it on the "File"
> menu? (I can kind of understand this last one, but its not the first place
> I'd look.)

I think that it would be kind of a workaround for a first time thing. After
the first time the check box looses it's meaning and it could potentially be
an eyesore for "old" users (if not frustrating them when they import from
say a register tab and afterwords it goes to their account tab or worse
creates a new one). I would say that when importing without actually
creating a file first, that just opening the account tree automatically
would just be nicest. A checkbox doesn't seem necessary. Perhaps the hard
part would be detecting this special case.


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