aqbanking3 branch

Micha Lenk micha at
Sun Jul 6 15:00:03 EDT 2008

Hi David, hi Christian,

David Reiser wrote:
> The curious feature here is that the UID 108 is associated with the  
> investment account as stored in ~/.banking/settings.conf  (the data  
> store for aqbanking v2) instead of ~/.aqbanking/settings.conf (the  
> data store for aqbanking v3). The correct UID should be 36. Even if I  
> move ~/.banking out of the way, I still get the error. Is gnucash  
> caching the settings.conf data somewhere?

Yes, Gnucash does store the AqBanking uid in the gnucash file itself.
Gnucash files are usually in gzipped XML format, hence you can simply
open it for instance with zless and search (hit '/') for the hbci slots
(<slot:key>hbci</slot:key>) and the enclosed other elements holding the
actual data.

I have no strong opinion about it, but probably Gnucash should store the
account number and the bank code only to avoid such 'problems'.

@Christian, do you remember why the AqBanking uid is stored by earlier
Gnucash versions (those you were involved in)?


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