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Martin Preuss aquamaniac at
Sun Jul 6 16:50:57 EDT 2008


On Sonntag, 6. Juli 2008, David Reiser wrote:
> On Jul 6, 2008, at 11:34 AM, Martin Preuss wrote:
>      int  accountType="5"
> is present in the account definition

Ok then, I will make sure that AqBanking correctly translates the account type 
into a correct request. It might have to do with the change from LibOFX to my 
own parser.

> There wasn't an accountType line in my first .aqbanking data store
> because I set the account up in the wizard without using the wizard's
> Get Accounts button. When I try to use the wizard to retrieve accounts
> from ameritrade, I get the following console messages
> (gwen_loglevel=info)

The log looks like the bank doesn't even answer the request. That's perfectly 
ok, some banks do not support requesting the account list.

> Requesting accounts from ameritrade using the wizard in aqbanking
> 2.3.3 + gwenhywfar 2.6.2 succeeds.

Hmm, so it worked with AqBanking 2.3.3 but it doesn't work with AqBanking3? 
Could you maybe provide the OFX request/response pair (/tmp/ofx.log) for that 
particular request from AqBanking2? And, if possible, from AqBanking3 as 
well? I can then compare both and correct possible buhs in AqBanking3.


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