AUDIT: r17288 - gnucash/trunk - Merge branches/aqbanking3 (r17287) into trunk.

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Tue Jul 8 17:17:30 EDT 2008


On Di, 2008-07-08 at 16:35 -0400, Andreas Köhler wrote:
> Author: andi5
> Date: 2008-07-08 16:35:50 -0400 (Tue, 08 Jul 2008)
> New Revision: 17288
> Trac:
> Log:
> Merge branches/aqbanking3 (r17287) into trunk.
> Port the HBCI import-export module to AqBanking3.  Depending on the aqbanking
> version found, either the classic hbci/ module or the new, very similar, module
> aqbanking3/ for AqBanking >= 3 is built and installed.  The influence on the
> rest of the code is minimal.
> BP

Another thing to mention is the introduction of the configuration
parameter --enable-aqbanking which is to behave exactly like
--enable-hbci.  The primer is the recommended flag though.

This patch should make most of the functionality accessible for
AqBanking2 users available to AqBanking3 users as well.  Off the top of
my head, the one feature missing is the execution of online jobs
resulting from a file import.

I want to suggest it for backport to branches/2.2 nonetheless, given
that it only adds functionality and choices, and people are actually
waiting for it :-)  I hope to [{someone else will}] fix the remaining
bits and pieces in the aftermath.


Additionally, I want to thank Martin Preuss, Micha Lenk, Manfred
Usselmann, Christian Stimming and all the crazy gamma testers @
gnucash-de for their efforts!

-- andi5

PS: First complains, e.g. regarding missing entries, are
flooding in already... Hmpf.

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