2.2.5 Released

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Jul 9 10:06:37 EDT 2008

Rolf Leggewie <no2spam at nospam.arcornews.de> writes:

> Andreas Köhler wrote:
>>> While there is no 2.2.5 version in the archive yet, we are working on
>>> providing a package from trunk.
>> I am not sure who you are talking about.  I just want to make sure that
>> everyone knows that trunk is the *unstable* branch and is not recommended
>> for inclusion in distributions.
> Understood.  Distribution inclusion is not the goal of a Launchpad PPA.
> With "we" I was referring to the people behind
> https://launchpad.net/~gnucash/  This is a kind of temporary thing to
> provide hbci-enabled packages to ordinary users.  The initiative was
> started by Reinhard Tartler, a seasoned dev who is also a DD.  He (and
> I) will make sure that any changes go back either to Debian or gnucash
> itself.
> Furthermore, I currently need trunk because of the recent changes
> (committed and pending) to make gnucash usable for German business.

I'm VERY concerned about the potential for confusion in packaging
gnucash from trunk.  I think it's perfectly fine for you to use
it yourself, but I think it would be a horrible idea to package
trunk in any semi-public way.  I think it's dangerous and most
likely to confuse users.

What you should argue for is a "rapid timeline to 2.4", which is
a perfectly reasonable request to make.  The question that would
be asked is, "is making gnucash work for german businesses a
sufficient step to warrant a 2.4 release, or should we want for
some other feature to complete, too, like the SQL work?"

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