ofxdirectconnect in aqbanking3 branch

Martin Preuss aquamaniac at gmx.de
Wed Jul 9 16:09:55 EDT 2008


On Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008, David Reiser wrote:
> On Jul 9, 2008, at 1:12 PM, Martin Preuss wrote:
> completely (Apply at the final dialog), the gnucash data file is
> updated so the hbci slot agrees with whatever the bank sent as the
> accountID. Subsequent ofxdirectconnect sessions use that accountID,
> and the bank responds with the same accountID in the ofx data

Hmm, but that's not what you reported before, is it? Or maybe I mistook your 
mail for the one from Jerry...

> So it looks like credit card connections might have been hit by the
> lack of a bankcode (it appears that GetAccountInfo just wraps

Hmm, that might very well be. Could you please set the environment 
variable "AQOFX_LOG_COMM" to have the file /tmp/ofx.log created and send me 
that file? I'm sure I can make AqBanking import the file :-)


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