This GUILE/SLIB stuff again...

Martin Preuss aquamaniac at
Wed Jul 9 17:16:01 EDT 2008


once again I tried to compile the current SVN version of GnuCash and failed 
again. It always fails when it comes to check for SLIB.

This guile/slib stuff is really no fun to deal with, especially since all tips 
from the bugzilla don't work. I don't know anything about guile or slib, so I 
have absolutely no idea what to do about this problem :-(

Why is it so hard to have gnucash or guile or whoever find SLIB?

My system is ubuntu hardy (8.04), is there someone who could give me a hint in 
the right direction?

I would really like to test the aqbanking3 support...

Sometimes I even get to after the point where SLIB is actually found, but then 
it fails here:

checking if guile needs our copy of (guile www)... ./configure: line 27227: 
syntax error near unexpected token `gnc_have_guile_www,'
./configure: line 27227: `GUILE_MODULE_AVAILABLE(gnc_have_guile_www,(www 

However, I checked and there are no special packages containing guile and www 
for hardy so what am I missing? :-/


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