Modified US "Tax Report & TXF Export" report - need testing help

J. Alex Aycinena alex.aycinena at
Thu Jul 10 14:29:13 EDT 2008

Hi Jannick,

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 12:42 AM, Jannick Asmus < at> wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> I am volunteering for testing as a German GnuCash user. As such I do not use
> the TXF file as input for another program, but I am interested in that the
> tax report for German purposes can still be used. This feature is important
> to keep and make GnuCash a prominent software in Germany.
> I should emphasize that I am just an ordinary user, meaning that I do not
> have any profound programmer's knowledge.
> Please feel free to send me the patch or whatever to test.
> Best wishes from Germany,
> J.

Thanks for your offer to help. However, based on an earlier e-mail
conversation I had with Christian Stimming about this report, my
understanding is that this US-based tax report is available in all
install locations except in Germany, where a German variation is
installed instead. The German version was a modified version of the
orginal US version. My changes will not apply to the German version
unless someone makes the effort to change it, which has not been done.

I am copying this to Christian (as well as to the list), so he can
comment further if he wishes to.

I am happy to make the report available to you but am not sure how it
would work in your environment (e.g., how you could compare its output
to that of the existing report (the German version in your case) to
get meaningful results from a testing perspective).

In either case, I still need someone to help test the TXF output.



> On 10.07.2008 01:56, J. Alex Aycinena wrote:
>> To a potential testing volunteer,
>> I've made some changes to the existing US "Tax Report & TXF Export"
>> report and am ready to submit it as a patch. However, I personally
>> don't use tax preparation software that takes TXF file input so I
>> can't test that all the way through to the receiving program. I have
>> tested the new report to determine that it generates the same TXF file
>> output as the old report but with some intentional differences.
>> I am ready to submit the new report but would like someone who uses
>> this kind of output file to help me test my report in the next week or
>> so. If anyone wants to volunteer, please contact me directly. You
>> don't need to be a programmer and the testing won't in anyway
>> jeopardize your system or data. You also don't need a separate
>> development environment or anything like that. We can communicate
>> directly to set the report up on your system (easy to do), run it on
>> your data, generate the output file and input it into your tax
>> software, noting any problems along the way. You don't have to share
>> any personal data with me at all. My objective is to get the output
>> file to be at least as good as the prior report's output.
>> Thanks in advance for your help,
>> Alex
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