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On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 7:58 AM, David G. Hamblen <dhamblen at>

> Charles Day wrote:
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>>    Now that r17292 enables me to test things, the "Average Cost" on
>>    the balance sheet does what I think it should, except when a
>>    position is closed out (as in Derek's initial example above).
>>     With no current holdings in a stock,  I get blanks for that stock
>>    and for the Total Assets, Liabilities, etc., just $ signs.  If I
>>    unselect "Compute Unrealized Gains...", then the Liabilities and
>>    Equity section print properly, but the Assets total remains blank.
>>     Looks like a total somewhere is being skipped if there's a funny
>>    entry.  I'll see what I can find.
>> "With no current holdings in a stock,  I get blanks for that stock"
>> Could you explain a bit more, because this sounds contradictory. If you
>> have no current holdings of the stock, then why is there even a line for it
>> on your report?
>>  Because I accepted the defaults under Options|Accounts  (in the Balance
> Sheet report).  If I manually unselect that stock, All is well.  Unselecting
> "Include accounts with zero total balances" and "Omit zero balance figures"
> on the Display tab doesn't make any difference.  The other three commodity
> options ("Weighted average", "Nearest in Time", and "Most Recent") do what I
> expected (i.e, the stock doesn't show, and the totals are printed).

Ah, I see... the line should be zero and isn't. Forgot my caffeine this
morning. :p

Obviously any account with a zero balance should be worth zero in any
currency, so there is no need to even look at exchange rates on zero balance
accounts. I will take a look at the code.


> Dave

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