ofxdirectconnect in aqbanking3 branch

Andreas Köhler andi5.py at gmx.net
Fri Jul 11 17:37:28 EDT 2008

Hi Martin,

On Do, 2008-07-10 at 00:09 +0200, Martin Preuss wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008, Martin Preuss wrote:
> > On Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008, Jerry Jaskierny wrote:
> [...]
> > Since GnuCash is directly looking for an AccountInfo object for the
> > expected account number (in this example "xxxxx1234") it doesn't succeed.
> [...]
> Being finally able to compile GnuCash again (thanks for the hints!!) I had a 
> look at that particular code and I see a general problem.
> The code only looks for a particular account in the data returned (namely the 
> one it requested statements for). However, this doesn't always work as one 
> would expect.
> Some banking protocols do not allow to request statements for a specific 
> account but rather for all accounts a given user is authorized for (e.g. to 
> some extend EBICS, but certainly YellowNet).
> That was the reason to begin with for AqBanking not to return the requested 
> data with the job structure but rather let the protocol backend gather all 
> received data in those ImExporterContexts.
> This isn't just a problem of not reading superflous data: Some protocols 
> (especially YellowNet, but EBICS as well) allow the server to physically 
> remove data reported to the client, so data you loose in gnc-ab-gettrans.c 
> will most certainly be lost for good. This most likely isn't what the caller 
> intented when he requested statements...
> So what I propose is this: You must already have a generic import/export 
> interface which is able to import data from an AB_IMEXPORTER_CONTEXT, since 
> you have an importer for SWIFT MT94x, so why not use this interface to import 
> the data returned? For HBCI it makes no difference, but the other protocols 
> can then also be safely used with GnuCash.

I suppose this only concerns the fetching of transactions, not balances,

I will take look at this issue this weekend.  Thanks!

BTW, I followed
http://www.mail-archive.com/aqbanking-devel@lists.sourceforge.net/msg00945.html , even though you said that was not your recommended solution.

-- andi5

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