Feature proposal: shortened drop down list of accounts for entering transactions

Glen Ditchfield gjditchfield at acm.org
Fri Jul 11 22:29:04 EDT 2008

Rolf Leggewie wrote:
> OK, so let me ask you the still unanswered question about the number of
> the accounts in your COA as well... And another rhetorical question: Do
> you use a standardized COA or one that you devised yourself? 
> Basically, I know the answer to both questions...

As you anticipated, i devised my COA which is much simpler than yours, but
for the record: 206 accounts (both internal and leaf accounts), 8 top-level
accounts, account tree height: 5, maximum number of siblings: 21.  

> I'm just trying to open your and Derek's eyes to the fact that it is not
> necessarily true that the situation you find yourself in applies to
> everyone else in the world as well.

Yes, and having read bug 129099 I have some understanding of your pain.  But
please understand, the proposed solution of filtering the drop-down list
would cause me pain -- a smaller amount of pain, but I believe GnuCash has
many more users like me than like you.

I hope the solution proposed for bug 129099 suits you, since it would not
inconvenience me at all.

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