Add tables to "bar chart" reports

Andreas Köhler at
Sat Jul 12 07:55:24 EDT 2008

Hi Charles,

On Fr, 2008-07-11 at 16:49 -0700, Charles Day wrote:
> I couldn't get this to work. Try opening the attached GnuCash file, running
> the expense barchart, then going into the options and checking "Show table".
> I got a crashed report and a Scheme backtrace (shown below).
> Can you figure out what's wrong?

> c:/soft/gnucash/inst/share/gnucash/scm/html-table.scm:486:27: In expression
> (app
> end-to-element rest-new rest-existing ...):
> c:/soft/gnucash/inst/share/gnucash/scm/html-table.scm:486:27: Wrong number
> of ar
> guments to #<procedure append-to-element (newcol existing-data
> length-to-append
> width-to-make)>

That looks like which
was reported by Joachim himself and should be fixed by r17255 on trunk.

Are you using the updated file already?

-- andi5

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