Graham Leggett minfrin at sharp.fm
Tue Jul 15 09:05:43 EDT 2008

Nathan Buchanan wrote:

> I'm a bit out of my league here...but I believe a long (or long int) is 
> defined to be a minimum of 32 bits - so if you're still using a 32 bit 
> system(?) (or processor?) you may still get a 32 bit time_t.

You're right - the 64 bit RHEL5 system showed sizeof(time_t) to be 8, 
while Leopard on my Powerbook G4 said 4, as did RHEL4/i386.

Looking at what APR (the Apache portable runtime) does with its portable 
version of time_t, it explicitly defines it as a 64 bit signed type. I 
suspect gnucash may have to do the same.

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