Plans for MBS/IP? (Austrian protocol)

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Hi all,

on Friday 18 July 2008 12:37, office at wrote:

> Dear Team,
> the financial companies in Austria had their own
> idea how the communication should work and they
> created their own standard: MBS/IP (Downloadable at
> So there is only one program existent (ELBA) which supports this
> standard. (It is a Java program but they managed it to get it to work
> under windows only)
> So my question is: Are there any plans/possibilities, to see this
> protocol in gnucash any time?

Woudn't that be a question for the AqBanking project which encapsulates 
already a wealth of different banking interchange formats and protocols 
and is already integrated into GnuCash (as well as other free 
applications ;) )?



Thomas Baumgart

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