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Fri Jul 18 20:01:44 EDT 2008

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I've been using the "new" gnucash for many months now and thought I
would give some feedback on how I like it.

Overall, it is continues the great improvements that I have seen over
the years that I have been using it.

One small thing that I would change.

When I click on the date box in the register and then use the drop
down calender to change the date, I get no visual feedback that the
date has changed. At first I kept clicking the "new" date to no avail
and then finally gave up and then noticed that the "new" date was
indeed there. It took me many months to get used to this and I am
still not really used to it.

In previous versions, there was immediate visual feedback that the
"new" date was indeed set into the dialog. I totally forget what the
feedback was, but I do know that there was some sort of feedback -
maybe as simple as closing the calender drop down with the new date
set??? I know that it is desirable to give feedback, visual or
otherwise, of changes. When clicking on the new date in the drop down
calender, the user is most probably concentrating on the new date in
the calender and not the enty window where the change is made and so
the change goes entirely un-noticed.

I don't know if this behavior and the old behavior is due to the
underlying libraries used or something specific to gnucash.

If the underlying libraries, then I wouldn't change it and just learn
eventually to live with it.

If specific to gnucash, you might want to consider changing the
behavior in some manner to give visual feedback of the change to
reduce the frustration.

Using Kubuntu, 8.04.1

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