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Sat Jul 19 13:07:50 EDT 2008

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>Subject: Gnucash triage
>With what frequency do Gnucash bugs get Triaged?
> appears to stop
>users (including myself) from "Get Transactions" with Discover
>and Chase credit card accounts.

The type of error message in that bug report suggests you are trying to use aqbanking version 3 with gnucash 2.2.4. Aqbanking 3.x does not work with gnucash 2.2.4. So the first approach is to make sure you have aqbanking 2.x (and gwenhywfar 2.x) installed.

If you are actually using aqbanking/gwenhywfar versions 2, then try opening the online banking setup wizard and using the wizard to "Get Accounts" again, and using the new definition retrieved to match your gnucash accounts.

FWIW, I still get transactions from 4 Chase credit cards (the wonders of bank 'consolidation') through gnucash/aqbanking using account setups retrieved more than a year ago. Citibank has also changed its account number format from xxxxxxxxxxxx1234 to just 1234. They, however still accept the old format in an ofx query, which leads me to believe that your problem is a version mismatch and aqbanking3's problems with ofxdirectconnect inside gnucash.

aqbanking3 support has been added to gnucash trunk. But it doesn't yet work correctly for ofxdirectconnect retrievals.


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