documentation for python bindings

Rolf Leggewie no2spam at
Tue Jul 22 20:22:43 EDT 2008

[resend to list where it did not arrive for some reason or another]

Hi Mark,

thank you for your reply.  I tried things out and had some successes but
mostly failed.

Mark Jenkins wrote:
>> Looking through the
>> source code and the provided examples, it looks like the API can be used
>> both for reading and writing.  

Is this correct?  Manipulation of the gnucash file from the python
bindings is possible (rw)?

> Documentation is pretty bad right now. Help needed.

Somebody like me that does not understand the slightest thing about it
is probably not much help but I started where I will write about
what I have it learned from this thread and while fiddling around.

What I am trying to do is open a gnucash file, find the account
identified by code 1234 and mark it as tax relevant.  Would you be so
kind to help me with that?

The steps outlined in produce
an error initially, importing __init__ a second time runs fine.  Is that
a bug?  I am still very inexperienced with this.  All I can say is that
setting the PYTHONPATH and then running your example scripts with
"python $script" on hardy produces a very similarly looking error about
"could not locate gnucash/engine interface v.0".  When using ipython to
go through the steps lined out in I get a bunch of

(process:11900): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_hash_table_lookup: assertion
`hash_table != NULL' failed

That sort of looks like something did not go so well, either.  But I am
just poking around really and doing everything wrong, probably.



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