gnc_numeric: fractional displays and rounding

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sat Jul 26 14:13:21 EDT 2008

Am Samstag, 26. Juli 2008 19:46 schrieb Charles Day:
> > I think changing xaccPrintAmount() the way you described here is a good
> > idea
> > in any case and should be implemented once you have that routine.
> A patch for printing is shown below. However, since the new
> convert_to_decimal function may be useful outside of printing, should I
> move it into gnc-numeric.c? And if so, what name would you like? 

I'd expect this in gnc-numeric.c with a name like gnc_numeric_to_decimal or 
similar (like a class method). 

> Do you 
> like the style of the parameters? The idea is that you pass in a pointer to
> your gnc_numeric, and convert_to_decimal() returns TRUE if your gnc_numeric
> has been converted. Otherwise FALSE is returned and your gnc_numeric is
> unchanged.

On the first look it looks a bit weird, but on a second thought this is 
probably very useful. (This means the documentation should be very clear 
here.) Someone who wants a new gnc_numeric returned every time can easily add 
that as well as a second function. Looks good to me.


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