DBI backend status

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at rogers.com
Sun Jul 27 13:09:01 EDT 2008

I've just completed a basic test.  I created a basic XML file with some standard accounts, and then added a transaction, a budget, a price, a customer, ... till I had 1 of each type of object (except an order - how do I create one?).  My test is then:

1) start gc with the XML file, save-as to a DBI sqlite3 db, then quit
2) start gc with the sqlite3 db, save-as to an XML file, then quit
3) compare the two XML files.

The only differences are:
1) Sometimes, some slots are in different orders
2) There is one more account in the scheduled transaction section.  Where the original XML file had a ROOT account A, the XML file saved in step 2 had a ROOT account B, then A was a child of B.  I noticed that the XML backend never sets the book's template root account, so I think what happens is that a template root is created (became B) which was never part of the original XML file.

To me, this demonstrates that objects can be saved to and loaded from the sqlite db without being changed.  I haven't figured out how to create an order to test whether it is saved and restored without change.

There may, obviously, be bugs.  What is the next step?  Have more people try it out?  Roll it into trunk?


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