Add Additional Column to Register Report (PATCH INCLUDED)

Robert Stocks robert.stocks at
Mon Jun 2 18:50:00 EDT 2008

2008/6/2 Charles Day <cedayiv at>:
> On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 2:45 PM, Robert Stocks <robert.stocks at>
> wrote:
> A few comments:
> 1. It's always nice to get more reporting options.
Your welcome
> 2. "Memo" is the preferred term, rather than "Split Description".
Feel free to change this.
> 3. Does the "Transaction Report" do the same thing for you if you restrict
> it to one account in the options? Notice a variation here: in the
> Transaction Report, by default the Memo/Notes column shows the Memo if one
> exists, and the Notes otherwise. Via the options I think you can also show
> Memo only or Notes only, but I can't remember.
Ok that report as very close formatting and data wise, prehaps I
should have started there but -
A.   I cant get rid of the per month subtotals - anoying but not a major problem
B.   I can't restrict it to only unreconciled transactions.

I probably should have added the only show unreconciled transactions
option to that report but that would have involved modifying the query
code which is a bit beond me at this time.

If sombody could add that option to the Transaction report I would be
interested in seeing the diff, and would be happy to test, but please
note I can't build the code on any of my current boxes (windows) so I
am limited to patching SCM files.

> Cheers,
> Charles


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