[Patch] Enhance account renumbering dialog with 'Begin At' entry to increment from

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Jun 5 09:15:23 EDT 2008

"Darryl Rees" <dardie at gmail.com> writes:

> By way of illustration, I wanted to do something like the following:
> A000            Assets
>     A100        Fixed Assets
>         A110    Buildings
>         A120    Furniture and Fittings
>         A130    Other Fixed Asset
>     A200        Current Assets
>         A210    Petty Cash
>         A230    Bank Account

Why do you want to skip A220?

> Which was impossible with the old renumbering dialog, but is now trivially
> simple.
> A couple of notes:
> • I only changed the accounts dialog in account.glade, but glade-3 seems to
> have touched a whole lot more of the file. Praps the the original was
> created in glade-2, and glade-3 has decided to reformat stuff? Otherwise
> I've done something dumb and will expect flamage :-) If this is a problem or
> if anyone can suggest how to prevent this (go back and use glade-2?) I can
> redo it. On the face of it, it doesn't seem to affect any of the actual
> dialogs.

You should use glade-2.

> • The strtol conversion of the beginat entry might seem simplistic, but IMO
> in practice gives reasonably sane/intuitive outcomes in the case of silly
> input. If others prefer I can add a check to ensure beginat is a positive
> integer.
> • Unrelated to my patch I added a g_free(prefix) to the end of
> gnc_account_renumber_response_cb.
> Hope the patch is useful. If accepted I will submit a documentation patch to
> reflect change in the dialog. I haven't seriously coded since last millenium
> so any constructive advice welcome :-(

Thanks.  Could you re-submit with glade-2.
Also, you might want to run it through the glade-cleanup script.


> Darryl Rees


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