Job object and QOF registration

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at
Sat Jun 7 18:39:57 EDT 2008

Many if not all of the business objects have an "active" flag.  Most of these use QOF_PARAM_ACTIVE in the QOF object registration.  The job object has rows in the registration, once for QOF_PARAM_ACTIVE which registers the getter but not the setter, and once for JOB_ACTIVE, which registers both.  However, it turns out that the underlying strings for JOB_ACTIVE and QOF_PARAM_ACTIVE are both "active", so that the registration for JOB_ACTIVE is ignored.

My guess is that this isn't how it should be, but I don't know the code well enough to sort it out.  Should JOB_ACTIVE be a different string?


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