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Josh Sled jsled at asynchronous.org
Tue Jun 10 09:46:42 EDT 2008

Phil Longstaff <plongstaff at rogers.com> writes:
> Josh, does the sx code need a separate template commodity per account?  Should the account xml parser use dom_tree_to_commodity_ref() to merge these?  Should the sql backends only merge currencies, not any other commodities?

No, they don't need to be separate per account.  They're just placeholders
for engine constraints to hold; when the template is instantiated, the
commodities on the template splits are set to be relevant for the accounts
involved.  I don't see reason why currencies should be treated specially.

A commodity with identity of (namespace,id) should (be able to) have an
immutable, single instance in the system that's shared by all referrers.

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