Trac and MediaWiki question

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Jun 13 09:47:16 EDT 2008

Quoting Josh Sled <jsled at>:

> (I hope you don't mind; I've CC:'d this to gnucash-devel.  I'm glad I caught
> the message, too: lame mail filtering on my side had stuff to
> trac-admin at going to the spam folder. :/ )
> "Sean Colombo" <sean at> writes:
>> I noticed GnuCash is using MediaWiki instead of the Trac wiki.  This 
>> makes a lot of sense, but I was wondering if you have been able to 
>> hook them together at all?  Just about the only benefit of
>> using the internal Trac wiki seems to be that you can link right 
>> from Tickets and Changesets to wiki pages and from wiki pages to 
>> Changesets and Tickets.  Is there some sort of extension for trac
>> that allows you to do this with MediaWiki?
> Nope.  We decided early on to just not use the Trac wiki or ticketing
> systems, since we had investments in media wiki and
> There might be some sort of integration plugin/addon for Trac or mediawiki,
> but I've not even looked for one.

Moreover, we do have hooks to redirect from Trac Wiki to Mediawiki, and
from Trac Tickets to bugzilla.  So at least for bugs the URLs actually
do redirect properly to bugzilla if you click on a link from a changeset


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