DBI/SQL backend

Dave Reiser dbreiser at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 15 10:59:28 EDT 2008

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>To: Phil Longstaff <plongstaff at rogers.com>
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>Subject: Re: DBI/SQL backend
>So, I got it compiled (with the gmtime fix) and it seems to run ok up until
>I try to save as. When I choose save as and enter the desired file name I
>get an error stating "Can't parse the URL C:\soft\test_file\test.db." This
>happens with *all* names I enter, including *.gnc names, so something is
>slightly broken ;) I suspect it's that windows formatted name problem again,
>but can't spend time on it for the next few days.

I also get this error on my Mac (Phil, thanks for changing the module to a library). But I also get a message in the terminal window:
CRIT <gnc.backend.dbi> [gnc_dbi_session_begin()] Unable to create sqlite3 dbi connection

The second message may well be unrelated to the error dialog -- I have to verify that I don't have dueling installs of sqlite3. I'm using fink's libdbi libraries and drivers (which link to fink's sqlite3). fink's sqlite3 is earlier in my path than Apple's sqlite3, but I didn't make sure gnucash wasn't still trying to use the system's sqlite3 during its build. I can't check for a few days, but thought I'd throw in my experience in case it rings a bell.


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