Check Printing

John Roach John.Roach at
Thu Jun 19 11:11:53 EDT 2008

I have been using gnucash for about 6 months after switching from
Quicken Home and Business.

I really miss the ability to print multiple checks at once.

Most of the Quicken releases allow the user to enter a check number of
"print" and then when the user selects from the File menu "print checks"
a dialog box prompts for the first check number and presents options for
all checks to be printed or to select the specific checks to print.

Is there any work currently in progress to add a similar feature?

Even a simple implementation that did not support the check number and
required manual replacement of the "print"  string with the correct
check number after the checks were printed would save the user
considerable time.

I am using standard 3 checks to a page with a stub on the left.

John Roach
Ten Queue Systems, Inc.

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